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Pall-jacketed s/s filter holder-p/n-#SLL57712-1H4- 10"

Pall Trinity Micro Corp. - A Jacketed, Stainless Steel, Filter Holder, or Housing, with a Catalog or Part #SLL57712-1H4, Serial #30642. This is a used, Pall Filter Holder, in very good condition, with listed maximum service conditions on the filter housing, of (-)14.7psig & 200 psig, @ 300 Deg.F and of (-)14.7psig & 50 psig, @ 300 Deg.F on the Jacket. The jacket of the filter housing has 1/2" NPT, female threaded connections. The housing has a top, with a 1-1/2" Tri-Clover Style, Sanitary fitting for the Outlet, and on the bottom of the filter housing is also a 1-1/2" Tri-Clover Style Sanitary fitting, for the Inlet, as pictured. Both fittings have a thru-bore of roughly a nominal 1-1/2". On the Inlet throat of this housing is a barbed valved fitting. This fitting can be use as a vent, or drain fitting, depending on the mounting. The top also has a barbed, valved fitting, which is also to be used as a vent, drain or sampling port. The housing has an overall length of about 15", and has a cylinder length of about 10".

Pall-jacketed s/s filter holder-p/n-#SLL57712-1H4- 10