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Romanoff rubber industrial manual hot press/cold press

Used and in great working condition. Romanoff Rubber Co. heavy-duty industrial steel hand-operated press / manual press / hot press / cold press. Great for the machine shop, crafts shop, general shop, factory, other business, or home. Weighs about 50 lbs. 14.25" tall when cranked all the way down. 12" long handle (which can be extended for greater pressing power using a pipe extension. Plate area is 5" x 8" and raises up to 4" for thick objects, and cranks all the way down until the top and bottom plates seat together for paper-thin objects. Plates heat up to very hot (so be careful!), so thermal press can be used as hot press or cold press - whatever your jobs call for. Worm screw is 1" thick steel. While I have had it cranked down to about 1,000 lbs of pressure, best I could tell, it was not even close to its limit (which is not stated on its boiler plate and is unknown).
Just consider some of the practically unlimited clamp, vise and press functions that a press like this can do for you with the appropriate dies and forms (no dies or forms come with it): (1) Flattening metal, bending metal, forming metal shaping metal, and swaging metal. (2) Pressing on cold or hot patches, silkscreens, logos, signatures, boiler plates, etc. (3) Burning images or melt images under pressure into wood and plastic. (4) Using "cookie cutter" type dies to cut out or punch either cold or hot shapes in wood, plastics and light metals. (5) Printing press. (6) Crushing or pulverizing rocks, bones, and other crushable objects and materials for mechanical, thermal, geological, archaeological, paleontological, forensic, chemical, biological, biomedical, etc. applications. (7) Press fitting gears, pins and rivets. (8) As a punch press. (9) Embossing images and lettering into just about anything that can fit into it that is wood, plastic and thin/soft metals. (10) Hot or cold pressing and laminating flowers and leaves and other collectibles. (11) Ironing clothes and other fabrics, such as collars and sleeves. (12) For many other hot or cold glue or cement jobs. (13) Hot-separating things stuck together. (14) Compacting items. (15) Sterilization purposes. (16) Holding items secure for just about any reason (e.g. lumber, rods, pipe, tools, etc. for drilling, sawing, grinding, threading, etc.). (17) Non-press applications where one just needs a hot surface or to heat something in a temporary oven (e.g. by opening up the plates, inserting what needs to be warmed or cooked, wrapping the exposed area with aluminum foil so heat won't escape, turning on the heat.)
You simply cannot go another day without having this highly versatile, useful and heavy duty tool in your shop, factory, business or laboratory!
Note that the white material between the steel plates is some kind of high-temperature insulating material so that the plate heaters concentrate virtually all of their heat into what is being pressed.
LIMITED QUANTITY. UNIQUE ITEM - I have only one of this Item.

Romanoff rubber industrial manual hot press/cold press Romanoff rubber industrial manual hot press/cold press