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Festo 24VDC terminal solenoid bank assembly CPV10-ge

Includes 1 - 5/2-way valve, 10mm double solenoid - 161415 K102, 2 - 10mm Blanking plates - 161368 K702, - 10mm 5/2-way valve, double solenoid - 161415 K602.
The CPV valve terminal is of unique design. It permits the flexible combination of pneumatic performance, electrical connection technologies and a wide range of mounting options. The generously sized flow ducts and powerful flat plate silencers ensure high flow rates. This means that even comparatively large pneumatic cylinders can be driven with ease. All valves are in the form of valve slices. They are optimized for flow performance and are also extremely compact.
Two functions per valve slice (e.g. 2x 3/2-way valves) mean that twice the component density can be achieved. This saves space and reduces costs.
The cubic design permits exceptional performance yet a comparatively low weight. The benefits of this design are obvious when the valve terminal is used on a moving installation.
However robustness must not be sacrificed in favour of compactness. The connecting thread and mounting attachments are metallic. The manual override for the valves can be adapted for different operating situations. If, for example, a detenting manual override is required for setting-up mode, the manual override can be easily converted for that application in a way that rules out operational errors. The clear, large labelling system also contributes to the safe operation of the valve terminal.
A particular plus is the range of electrical connection technologies supported. All types of valve actuation are possible, from individual valve connections up to bus systems with versatile expansion options. The integration of electrical input and output modules permits cost-effective solutions within the different installation concepts.
Maximum flow with minimum space requirement
Short tubing lengths, short cycle times
Comprehensive electrical connection concept
Integrated assembly and installation concept
Pneumatic multi-connector plate
Reduced downtimes: LED diagnosis on the spot
This unit is very expensive - new price over $500.

Festo 24VDC terminal solenoid bank assembly CPV10-ge Festo 24VDC terminal solenoid bank assembly CPV10-ge