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Indi-square squareness gage with case model 8

Model 8 Indi-Squares are simple to use, allowing the user to rapidly check the squareness and straightness of surfaces to .00005 over 9" of travel.
INDI-SQUARE measuring instruments are durable. No lubrication or special maintenance is required. If damaged or broken, they may be repaired at the factory and returned with a new "Certificate of Repair and Calibration" and a new full one year warranty.
1.) Hardened , ground and STABILIZED gaging column with two exreamely accurate ball spline groves, ground in front and rear. It is held at the bottom in a spring loaded spherical ball seat. The top is held by two highly accurate eccentrics for adjustment.
2.) Completely ANTI-FRICTION, ball recirculating, gaging head. The balls circulating against the spline grooves in the gaging column. The rear ball system is spring loaded, constantly eliminating any play or shake. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT FEATURE, GUARANTEEING NEW ACCURACY FOR YEARS OF SERVICE.
3.) Eccentrics for adjusting the gaging column front to back and side to side. One in the side of the unit and one in the rear. They are adjusted by simply turning eccentrics with allen wrench, and tramming indicator up and down any granite or similar type master. This is done very quickly. Once calibrated it should not be necessary again, unless surface plate is not accurate.
4.) Adjustable indicator bracket to position indicator.
5.) Indicators: Use your choice . however we recommend the vertical type (easier to read and closer to the head for rigidity) with the universal dovetail clamp.
6.) Knob for raising and lowering head
7.) Hardened, ground and lapped feet. THEY ARE RIGIDLY FIXED TO THE BASE CASTING. Adjustment is made at the top of the unit with no loose connection at the surface area to disturb accuracy.
8.) Front pads for moving instrument sideways. For use in certain fixture applications
Includes the very nice storage/carrying case shown.
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The INDI-SQUARE COMPANY has been manufacturing precision squareness measuring instruments at a manufacturing location in Rochester, New York since 1960.
I will fully guarantee this precision tool.

Indi-square squareness gage with case model 8 Indi-square squareness gage with case model 8 Indi-square squareness gage with case model 8