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Stance chair + plasma 2 task matemonitor "rare find "

Stance Chair + Plasma 2 Task MateMonitor
This chair is no longer manufactured, making it a RARE FIND.I spoke with the manufacturer and he said they get calls often because it is such a great chair. It unfortunately is no longer manufactured.
Plasma2 Task Mate System Testimonials
You are the engine that drives workplace performance.
If you're stiff, cramped, or lethargic, no amount of bandwidth, software, or computer wizardry is going to help you feel or perform better. You need to move as you work. We all do. You need a computer workstation that's in sync with the way you move: The Plasma 2 System.
The Plasma 2 System, by HealthPostures, is a way you can move through your workday in total comfort, with freedom of motion. Right from your computer workstation. It transcends every ergonomically-designed computer chair or workstation on the market today because it responds infinitely to your need for movement far beyond mere lumbar support, or height adjustments.
The Plasma 2 System will transform the way you feel during the workday. Your work flows as you move comfortably, with renewed energy and focus. Now you can tap that sense of easy efficiency you feel when you're performing at your peak.
The Plasma 2 System is a simple, two-part system that combines the infinitely adjustable Stance angle chair with its office companion, the adjustable Plasma 2 monitor and keyboard positioning unit. The entire workstation features advanced, patented technology and high-quality construction.
Three simple controls...an infinite range of motions no other ergonomic chair can do this.
* 1) Seat height - Squeeze the easy-to-reach trigger on the left to adjust your height.
* 2) Seat-to-back angle - Squeeze the trigger on the right and adjust your angle to move effortlessly throughout your day.
* 3) Leg cushion - Push the foot button and adjust your leg cushion to support multiple postures and true ergonomic seating.
By fine tuning your three main controls, lumbar support and arm rests, the Stance angle chair will support you comfortably in every position. Poised for performance, it feels natural to interact with your computer. With nothing to get in the way of efficiency, energy is renewed, and work flows.
*** The entire system (chair and Plasma 2 System) are in excellent condition. I have taken great care of it. It is a solid built chair and system. (There is a button that raises the arm rest up and down on right arm of chair that snapped off when it bumped into something on our move, but the arm rest can still be adjusted up and down simply by pushing up on the the metal piece that the button attached to. This is a very minor thing, the chair is in beautiful conditon and the plasma system for the desk was used for only a couple of months.)
*** Send email to: ****@charter.net for more photos

Stance chair + plasma 2 task matemonitor Stance chair + plasma 2 task matemonitor Stance chair + plasma 2 task matemonitor Stance chair + plasma 2 task matemonitor