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Worksaver 3-pt stump grinder, largest cut'g wheel @ 36"

Brand New Worksaver Model SG-36 'Smooth Cut', 3-Pt Mounted, PTO Driven Stump Grinder.
These Worksaver Stump Grinders are a Proven Brand of Stump Grinder, made by an Established Company! You won't be Taking Chances with Worksaver Products! Expect This Worksaver Stump Grinder and ALL of the Equipment we sell to be Top Quality Equipment that will Serve you Well for a Lifetime, and Provide a Great Resale Value Too!!
* These Worksaver Stump Grinders are Commercial Duty Machines and we Sell them at the Best Prices!
* Since these Stump Grinders have 2 Hydraulic Functions (the Right to Left Cutting Stroke, and the Raise & Lower function), your Tractor will need Dual Hydraulic Outlets to Accommodate the Easy to Operate Hydraulic Controls from your Tractors Seat.
* If your Tractor doesn't have Dual Hydraulic Outlets, we have Alternative Operation Options.
* Price includes the Base Unit, a Slip Clutch Protected 540 RPM PTO Shaft, Hydraulic Hoses & Tips, Stabilizer Legs & Parking Stand - It's Complete & Ready to Use!
* Grinder Includes an Adjustable Needle Valve for Precise Control of Cutting Feed Rate.
* Suitable for Tractors with 45 TO 100 HP.
* Gearbox Rating is to 100HP.
* Rugged Hitch is Rated for both Cat 1 & 2, 3-Point Hitches.
* Other Comparable Brands have 34" Dia. Wheels!
* Cutting Wheel Speed is 788 RPM / 7430 ft/min.
* Cutting Height Above Ground is 18".
* Cutting Depth Below Ground is 10".
* Max Cutting Depth per pass is 8".
* Max Horizontal cut is 33".
* Sure-Foot Stabilizer Bar & Smooth Cut Design Eliminates Vibration Transfer from the Grinder ot the Tractor.
* Hardened Bushings & Grease Zerks Used at Major Pivot Points.
Plus, we are glad to say, these Great Stump Grinders are MADE IN THE USA!!!

Worksaver 3-pt stump grinder, largest cut'g wheel @ 36 Worksaver 3-pt stump grinder, largest cut'g wheel @ 36