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Xantrex XDC80-75 power supply

The XDC Series represents today s state-of-the-art technology in programmable DC supplies, offering 6 kW of high power for ATE, production test, burn-in, bulk power and OEM applications.
With an embedded controller,the XDC Series has a unique menu-driven auto sequencing capability. This powerful feature allows for complex test sequences to be entered and saved via the front panel without the need for external computers or software. Tests unique to a user s application are now possible with the XDC Series.
At 6 kW, the XDC Series offers up to ten different test programs, each with up to 99 voltage level steps varying from milliseconds to days. Programs can be executed by a manual or external trigger,or via a computer interface; a technician can single step through a sequence, run 'n' times or run continuously when triggered from the front panel or remotely. This stand-alone capability can be used for constructing simple voltage ramps, battery charging and simulation of battery voltage at engine start-up, component testing, and MIL 704E testing. Additionally,up to ten configurations of differing protection and output set points may be stored, recalled at any time or set for default at start-up.
* Output Voltage: 0-80 V
* Output Current: 0-75 A
* Voltage (0.01% of Vmax): 3 mV
* Current (0.05% of Imax): 20 mA
* Voltage (0.05% of Vmax +5 mV): 10 mV
* Current (0.1% of Imax +20 mA): 20 mA
* Voltage (0.15% of Vmax): 120 mV
* Current (0.5% of Imax): 375 mA

Xantrex XDC80-75 power supply Xantrex XDC80-75 power supply