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Combustion analyser flue gas oil burner boiler analyzer

Our analyzer is a complete solution if you need to set or maintain efficiency of your boiler or furnace.
The device is designed to be used with oil or gas fired boilers, furnaces or other units with a closed combustion chamber and a fan equipped automatic burner.
This device enables you to test, measure and set up your boiler's or furnace's combustion process by yourself and without having to pay for expensive servicing. It also helps you to reduce the amount of fuel used as it helps you to properly set up oxygen to fuel ratio, carbon dioxide level and excess of air in the combustion process.
The device is designed to use an automotive lambda probe (the same type that is used in cars, ZrO2 Zirconium dioxide, 4 wire, heated, thimble type) that you install in your chimney/vent/flue gas path and connect electrically to the device. You use an USB cable to connect the device to a laptop.
After setting appropriate parameters and disconnecting the device from the laptop, the device will measure on-the-fly whether or not the combustion parameters are correct and shows the result on LEDs on the front panel.
The device is also equipped with a 7day timer which you can use to set up the operation of e.g. a water circulation pump.
The device comes with Lambda probe ( oxygen sensor ), a power-supply unit, an USB cable, a CD with software, drivers and a manual, and a nut (thread 18mm x 1.5mm) made from stainless steel used to install the lambda probe. The flue gas temperature sensor is not included in the package.
Remember that you have to adjust combustion parameters every time when you fill your tanks with new fuel delivery and every cleaning/maintenance or even every some days when atmospheric pressure and humidity change.
- Software is ENGLISH and supports both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales.
- Power supply is 12VDC=3A, 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, you can use it in the US, the only thing you have to do is to change the plug.
This set includes Lambda probe ( oxygen sensor ) calibrated in the reference gas.
A new version of the software is available together with a set of tools for an advanced analysis and with ability to log to file the parameters of the combustion process.
- watch the log on the fly on your monitor in the ANALYSIS1 window ( in the form of a graph )
- write to file all available parameters
- open and view previously saved graph files
- a .txt text document which you can import e.g. to Excell for further analysis
- an .elk file ( graphical record ) which you can load in the program and view it at any time on your monitor
Parameters that can be recorded:
You can record all of these parameters at the same times or pick only the ones you want.
If the recording lasts a couple of days then a new file with a new name is automatically created everyday at midnight. The screen in the program is then cleared as are the data buffers so they are not overloaded.
The lenght of your recording is limited only by the space on your hard drive.
To see how the device works watch: here
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