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60" maxwell door air curtain with hot water heating

Klimaire brings you clean and refreshing air and fills your room with the soothing scent of nature.
Provides adjustable blade settings for supply or return applications. Lever operated, multi-louver damper provides volume control.
Blades are adjustable and spring-stiffened at both ends. Brown finish.
Optional door switch & weather proof cover Save energy& eliminate unnecessary air circulation
Save energy with a simple field installed door switch and use your air curtain when it is needed automatically that enables your air curtain to start and stop working with the door activity ..Eliminates unnecessary air circulation.
Maxwell Air curtin produces a hight speed air current, dividing the inside and outside of the room into two independent temperature zones with the result that levels of interior air conditioning are maintained and the air is purified whilst energy is saved. Summer heat, winter cold, dust, insects, smoke, unpleasant odors and exhaust fumes are all kept out.
Prevente loss of cool or warm air whilst economizing on electricity.
Efficient dust and insect-proofing.
Protects against the effects of smoke and noxious fumes
Incorporating CAD/CAMM//CAE/CAPP/CAT technology, the basic model of the blade was constructed, to allow initial analysis and calculations and to determine how its performance could be improved upon, according to fundamental areodynamics principles as well as empirical theories of blade improvement. Rigorous testing ensures that the Fan Wheel and Blade perform highly on wind pressure, noise minimization and efficiency, and that the maximum amount of energy is conserved whilst producing the most powerful results.
At every stage, from raw materials to the end products we insist on
results: safety, efficiency, energy conservation and environmental
protection, and our rigorous testing ensures that we reach standards
higher than similar products from international manufacturers. We want
consumers to depend on the precision and reliability of our Air Curtain
Safety and environmental protection
In using such a large amount of new types of material and advanced
technologies, Maxwell s manufacture of electrical machinery avoids excess
wear and tear and ensures that the products are some of the hardest
wearing on the market. The life span of the product is not only extended,
but is also guaranteed to be even safer (especially under extreme
conditions), and to function in an environmentally friendly way (non-toxic,
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